The Path to Success – It is this.

“ When the mind is still the beauty of the Self is seen reflected in it.”

When I started writing this blog I had a feeling that people would somehow mistake my new path as a less successful one. I would be too focused on happiness and spirituality to be truly dedicated to the same hard work. For some odd reason, people tend to correlate a yogi or a present lifestyle with that of laziness or a total loss of grit. Really this lifestyle can put you in tune with your passions so you are more dedicated than ever. In fact, yoga teaches the yogi to overcome the obstacles of laziness (Alysya) and the lack of mental disposition for work (Styana).

When we think about success we picture hard work, focus, and commitment to a result. That means a commitment only to that result, whatever it takes. We tend to conflate success with stress and therefore make stress a normal part of success. In addition, we are surrounded by people who are working towards the same success so we are in a pool of stressful but successful people. In law school, they warn that if you are going to be hanging out with law students all the time to find something other than law school to talk about it! Probably to avoid this trend of incessant complaining, judgment, and criticism – we call venting. Instead of removing the negative people, things, and thoughts from our life we vent about them. When I did this, I felt better but then I felt guilty or overwhelmed. When I complained, I could not stop complaining!!! But, it was ok because everyone else was doing it. This made me so negative and stressed out that I actually started losing motivation. I didn’t want to be successful anymore if this was success.

So, maybe the key to success is not the idea we have in our head. I believe that if I had stayed true to myself, listened to my soul, and was present with my body I would have had the same success. Had I stayed true to this path I might have felt better and the success may have resonated inside of me. Instead, I lost my balance. I dedicated my focus solely to work and my goal solely to perfection.

You can be successful but also be healthy, well, and present. The reason so many of us are conflicted about this idea is that we tend to achieve our success before we dedicate ourselves to a path of health and wellness. We wait until we are drowning at the other end of the pool to jump out of the water and put our feet on the ground. It often takes the feeling of being down to decide to get up. It is very systematic and accepted in this society to have a reactive instead of a proactive approach. Instead of being present and aware of your problems you put them to the side and respond to them when they get bad enough. This only causes your problems to pile up and you feel out of control.

Imagine the success, the feeling you would have if you were always in control. In yoga, this is why we have grounding poses like chair. You need to feel the sensation that you are grounded to this earth. At the same time, however, you are reaching up – you are balanced. When you are grounded you feel balance and clarity. You stop worrying about being focused on something because you are present with yourself and your work. It changes your life from being a life of habit to a life of intent. A life of intent has even more potential for success.

So, what do you want to be successful in? Choose it – start now – be present with your mind, body, and soul and you can achieve your dream! You don’t have to hit the ground to reach for the sky. You just need balance.

***Keep in mind, that your train of thoughts, your complaining, your venting is no one else’s fault. The people you complain with or vent to might be some of your best friends and dearest companions. As a friend, they are responding to you and probably think they are making things better. Also, as a friend, they feel they can trust in you to complain back and have you respond. This change is about you! It is about you becoming aware of your negativity and your complaining and removing it. Whether that is removing people, things, thoughts, or ideas do it. But, do not blame other people for your own loss of self. In fact, your change to a more positive and more present you might help change others. You might find that your relationships with these people who are actually a lot like you become better.***


Shanti Shanti Shanti

Peace Peace Peace



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