The Number 1 Motivation to Start Taking Care of Yourself! (Links Included)

“If my life is for rent, and I don’t learn to buy, well I deserve nothing more than I get because nothing I have is truly mine.” – Dido.

val·ue: consider (someone or something) to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of

Have you ever sat down and thought about how much value you hold? Probably not. It is rare to sit down with yourself to confront these questions. I bet that on a daily basis you are subtly answering this question. Every time you judge yourself, you treat yourself with disrespect, you let others hurt you, or you ignore what your body and mind are begging you for. On a daily basis, most of us are telling our body, our soul,  and everyone around us that we don’t hold much value.

Think about yourself taking care of a dog or a baby. If the dog needed to go outside on a walk, you would take the dog on a walk. This is because we place a high value on our pets. They bring us comfort, joy, and solace. In return, we want our pets to be happy and healthy.

What about a baby? If your baby needed to go to the doctor you wouldn’t even question it. You would take the baby to the doctor, even just to be safe. If a certain food was upsetting your baby’s stomach you would stop feeding your baby that food, even if you thought it was their favorite. If you were pregnant and your doctor told you that you needed to stop eating certain foods and drinking certain drinks you would stop doing it for the baby.

Finally, and worst of all … think about yourself with material items. When you are feeling down or you are feeling accomplished are you willing to invest in that $300.00 purse you have been craving? Are you willing to invest in the leather treatment spray to keep it clean? Would you be angry if someone treated that bag poorly? A lot of us believe that by investing in material things we are investing in ourselves when really we are just investing in an item. So, when was the last time you really invested $300.00 into yourself?

How many of us come home and ignore our own body when it is screaming: exercise!!!!!!??  How often do you feed yourself what is convenient, cheap, or available even though you know it is not good for you? How many us, escape doctor’s appointments because of inconvenience, investment, or because it’s “not that bad.”? I’m not just talking about your regular doctor. I mean seeking out a doctor of nutrition when your body needs help. Seeking out a specialist in grief when your mind needs help. Seeking out a specialist in life coaching when your soul needs help. Seeking out a doctor of chiropractic when your body needs to be aligned. Spotlight Series – Dr. Matthew Murrin: The Benefits of Chiropractic Care and Why You NEED It In Your Life!

Why do we do this? Why would you drop everything you are doing to take care of your dog and baby but not yourself?  Why would you call out of work to take your car to the shop when it won’t start up but you wouldn’t call out of work to go to an appointment when your body isn’t starting up the way it used to. Why would you stop feeding your baby the food’s that upset their stomach but you won’t stop feeding yourself food’s that upset your stomach? Why would you stand up to someone who walks all over your brand new purse, but you wouldn’t stand up to someone who walks all over you?

The answer to this question is simple: Value.

WE DO NOT VALUE OURSELVES! We don’t value ourselves the way we value material things. We don’t value ourselves the way we value the ones we love. That has to change.

TODAY: Sit with yourself and think of how much value you hold.

  • Who values you?
  • Why do they value you?
  • What value do you bring to this world every day when you get up?
  • How do you value yourself?
  • How do you show others that you are valuable? 

If you aren’t satisfied with the answer then all you need to do is start investing in yourself! Start treating yourself with value and let others see that. I don’t mean walk around with ego, arrogance, and entitlement. I mean walk around with strength and security.

When you start investing in yourself you will develop value in yourself. You will feel better and see clearer. You will feel stronger and act on that strength. Listen to your body the way that you would listen to your baby cry. Invest in your health the way you would invest in a purse, or a shoe, or a car. Buy into your body, it is yours.

Here are a few great places to start: 

Doctor’s Nutrition – if you feel like your body is not at its prime (most of us) maybe it is time to take a look. Doctor’s Nutrition is a TX nutrition based program. Dr. Stephen Lewis runs 18 panels of blood work and has a one on one conference call with you breaking that blood work down to kindergarten English for you to understand. Then he makes recommendations and offers many kinds of supplements to help your body get back to 100.

This blood work can answer so many questions. Your regular doctor’s office is rarely ever going to run 18 panels to understand your hormone levels, thyroid levels, blood sugar, iron, etc. Dr. Lewis does. And he does it for a very low cost (the same as that purse you had to have 6 months ago and never wear now).

You can get your blood work done at any Quest Diagnostics in any state. Check out Doctor’s Nutrition here: Pro Health IQ

Chiropractic USA – Spotlight Series – Dr. Matthew Murrin: The Benefits of Chiropractic Care and Why You NEED It In Your Life!

Gaia Yoga App – $9.99 a month to invest in your mind body and soul. The Gaia Yoga app has so much to offer. It is a platform of thousands of yoga videos, guided meditation, and documentaries to feed your hungry brain. Gaia Yoga Online

The Minimalists – In case you need a push to stop investing in things and start investing in life. The Minimalists Website

Yoga Talk Show: Lucas Rockwood – No this podcast is not just about yoga pants and poses. This podcast is actually where I learned about Doctor’s Nutrition and I could not be happier about that. On this podcast, Lucas brings experts in sleep, nutrition, science, meditation, essential oils, therapy….. and on and on and on. It is the only way I drive to work int he morning:  Podcast

Thrive Market – for Organic options at a low price + they show up on your doorstep!



Transitioning from Vegetarian to Vegan: Some Food ideas to get you started with links to everything you need

Mid-May I decided that I needed to start eating right for my body. I became aware of the things that upset my stomach, made me feel tired, and the things that I was literally addicted to eating. SUGAR!

So, I went to Costco and I bulked up on things I knew would not upset my stomach and would help me get off the sugar train. Not surprising, the list of things that left my stomach upset consisted of processed food, sodas, meat, and cheese. My stomach handles fresh, plant-based foods really well. At the time though, I was not ready to give up cheese. I loved fresh mozzarella and it wasn’t time to let it go. So I started with what I was ready for.

I have always been a huge animal advocate but at this time I wasn’t ready to face the grim reality that is the meat and dairy industry. I ignored it so that I could continue indulging in cheese and eggs…… However, I found that making a slow transition from vegetarian to vegan was really great for me. It eliminated pressure and the resentments people have with their diet. I wanted to start eating differently.

Now, I am vegan and I find myself saying to people “I can’t eat that” a lot. In truth, what I mean is “I don’t want to eat that.” It’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle and stick to the diet you are on when you want to be on it. If you are considering a transition to vegan I recommend checking out Michael Greger’s new book, listening to a few podcasts, and watching some documentaries on Netflix. Then make your own decision. This is not me advocating for you to make my choice, rather it is me advocating for you to educate yourself to make the decision that is right for you.

Below is the vegetarian diet I stuck to from May to July:

Breakfast – my breakfast smoothie every day:  My Breakfast Smoothie  

Coffee or Tea in the morning – for tea I did: Link to Tea

I also did a 14-day Tea Tox in July that I am subscribed to do every three months: Link to Tea tox

Lunch – a bowl of cherry tomatoes, 8-10 balls of fresh mozzarella, 1 hard-boiled egg, ¼ of a cucumber, salt, pepper, raspberry blush balsamic (a little goes a long way): Link to this

Snack – a small bowl of pretzels and at 3 PM Avocado Pudding: What is Avocado Pudding and Why I Eat It Everyday

Drink – 8-10 cups of water a day.

Dinner –I hate dinner plain and simple. It’s always so hard to decide what to eat so I tried to have a weekly routine.

  • On Mondays – Caesar Salad with a baked potato 
  • Tuesdays – Roasted vegetables (zucchini, squash, carrots, bell peppers) over quinoa with a dollop of plain greek yogurt, goat cheese, salt, pepper, oregano, etc.
  • Wednesday – Pizza (just so you know I now make homemade vegan pizza and it is amazing)
  • Thursday – Pasta with vegetables 
  • The weekend varies but I always stuck with something that was vegetarian 


I will post a snapshot into my vegan diet in a couple of weeks. Bottom line, I felt great when I transitioned to this vegetarian diet and I lost ten pounds. I still feel great on a vegan diet and I have maintained my weight. Most importantly, I feel true to myself and my beliefs as a result of adopting this vegan plant-based diet.

Choose what works for you and what makes you happy and you will see a huge change in your body and yourself.