The Phat Avocado Pudding (New)

Oh, Avocado. 

Worried about fat? I hear ya. I recently revamped my avocado smoothie to make it a more sustainable choice in my daily diet. I stopped drinking my Avocado Pudding on a daily basis a little over a month ago. What is Avocado Pudding and Why I Eat It Everyday 

I was dying! I could not figure out why I was never satisfied at lunchtime anymore. Then I realized, it’s because I let go of this oh so delicious and nutritious treat. One full avocado a day might be too much so I decided I should just revamp my Avocado Pudding. An avocado is a fantastic option to include in your daily diet because it is full of fiber, vitamins, and good fats (but a lot of them)!

So here is The Phat (not the fat) version of Avocado Pudding. 🙂


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