Pt. 2

“God has called you to live in peace.” 1 Corinthians 7:15.

Sometimes when I begin my solo yoga practice, I begin with no purpose. I allow my body to simply flow. The end result is sometimes fulfilling but rarely immediate. Rather, it is when I return my thoughts and my intentions to that flow that I gain fulfillment. I learn from it. I build my uninhibited flows into my intentional flows. Before I know it, a practice that began with no purpose builds my practice of purpose.

I sat thinking today, I wish I could guide my class through one of my unintentional and purposeless flows. However, I know that my body flows quicker than my mind and my mouth can teach. A class guided with no purpose would be just that – purposeless. In fact, it wouldn’t be guided at all.

As I sat on the couch, with no intention to write, I found myself at the computer – -throwing up words on the page. The writer’s block is over (thank you Kanye).

Just like my purposeless practice – life has taught me that when I act freely – when I act quicker than my mind can process, and my words can describe I find no fulfillment. In fact, in the immediate I find regret. It is when I return, with thoughts and intentions reflecting on those actions that I release my regret and I learn.

My purposeless actions always prove to be lessons. For this, I can be grateful. Some of us act with no purpose but gain no lesson. This is a life with no fulfillment.

I think I will call this Pt. 2. Hellthy and Wellthy Part 2.

I did not guide you through some of my journey. Honestly, the past few months I needed internal inspiration. I needed divine inspiration. I needed that for myself. I needed God. I needed anointment in privacy. I needed God’s wisdom alone. I needed to understand what I was learning and who I was becoming before I could verbalize it.

My yoga journey led me somewhere I never imagined – somewhere better than I expected. Somewhere unexpected. My yoga journey led me right to the arms of God – and I can not imagine a better place to be. A life filled with purpose and guided by the Word.

How? Because there is one very clear distinction that can be made when a purposeless flow evolves into a purposeful class and purposeless life actions evolve into life lessons.

My purposeless flows help me to craft sequential, rhythmic and systematic classes. Classes that can be easily guided and taught to others. Why? Because my body naturally flows with rhythm. I find myself moving naturally from upward dog, to downward dog, to warrior 1, to warrior 2, to reverse warrior, to triangle and finally to half moon. Even when I have no purpose going into practice I sometimes found myself there. With no purpose – the natural flow of my body takes me there because the movement is natural. It flows. In turn, I take that movement – I make it repetitive and it is easy to guide people through it.

Unlike yoga, there is no fulfillment in a life that is sequential, rhythmic and systematic. Sequencing, rhythm and systems do not make life easy to guide. Life – life is not easy to guide. There are far too many choices to be made on a daily basis that cannot be made naturally – the choices need guidance. That is why I had to find guidance. I could not rely on my natural feelings and purposeless actions to fulfill me. In fact, they caused me to be so unfulfilled that I became lost. I needed a guide. I needed a compass.

The guide is God and the compass is the Word.

I am well versed enough to know I have no place to judge so I won’t. I believe that yoga asanas (poses) have proved a great tool to strengthen my body and to heal my physical wounds. I believe the asanas have taught me patience with my body.

I do not believe that yoga can ever or could ever guide me to fulfillment in my mind, my heart, and my spirit. Why? Because the philosophy of yoga requires you to accept that you are nothing. You live here as nothing – to end at nothing – so you must teach yourself to be fulfilled by nothingness. That is the most advanced philosophy of yoga. To accept nothing. Once you have you are enlightened…..

WAIT….. No.

We were put here with purpose. We live on this beautiful earth – among water, land, sky, plants and creatures. We live among God’s children. We live among intentional creation. Not among nothingness.

We live with guidance from the Father on an earth far less than the heaven we will see. We are all something – we are the sons and the daughters of a King.

We live fallen but forgiven. We live unconditionally loved and accepted.

Nothingness is not fulfilling. Achieving nothingness is worth nothing.

Trust that you’re here to fulfill something. To go somewhere. To meet someone. You are here with purpose, live that purpose out.